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- Quality Advantages. Seek companies with strong balance sheets and profitability, for long-term investors.

- Performance. High Quality Dividend paying companies provide a performance alternative to value investing.

- Diversified Portfolio. Over 100 major companies selected according to measures of financial quality.

Why OUSA for Large Cap Quality Dividends?


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- Quality Advantages. Portfolio of over 50 high quality global Internet and e-commerce companies.

- Investing in E-commerce. Efficient, cost effective approach invest in mega trends of e-commerce.

- Growth Allocation. Use as part of growth allocation for high quality companies growing revenues significantly.

Why Invest in Internet & E-commerce: OGIG?


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- Performance. Portfolio of over 150 High Quality European companies that are paying dividends.

- Diversified Portfolio. Efficient, cost effective approach to get exposure to top European companies.

- Seeks Less Volatility. Aims to provide better managed approach to investing in Europe.

Why OEUR for Europe Large Cap Quality Dividends?


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- Quality Advantages. Over 200 small cap stocks selected for quality, strong balance sheets and profitability.

- Performance. Seeks less volatile approach to invest in small cap companies.

- Use as Core Holding. Attractive long-term quality approach for investing in small caps, seeking income and less risk potential.

Why OUSM for Small Cap Quality Dividends?


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Investing in Internet and E-commerce:

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