OGIG Index vs. Generic Tech Indexes, What Are Investors Missing?

July 28, 2021

Internet & E-commerce

The OGIG portfolio has an active share of 76% vs. the Nasdaq 100 and over 90% vs. the Technology Select Sector meaning that it is a highly differentiated approach to growth and tech. Revenue growth is a key driver in the selection and weighting of stocks in OGIG. This provides diversification and avoids concentration in stocks that have become a large portion of generic tech indexes.

The companies in the portfolio are at the forefront of the digital transformation of the global economy. They are both the internet giants of today and the possible giants of tomorrow. They include:

Internet Conglomerates: Internet giants in the U.S. and China with businesses in E-commerce, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Digital Entertainment and Cloud Services.

Digital Advertising & Social Media: Companies who are benefiting from the social media revolution and the growth of digital advertising which is now larger than all traditional forms combined.

Retail E-commerce: Companies providing goods and services over the internet from fashion, furniture, pet products, food delivery, freelancing, travel and entertainment bookings.

Digital Entertainment: Companies providing online services such as Video-on-Demand, Music Streaming and Video Games.

Enterprise Software: Companies creating efficiency gains for small and large businesses by facilitating
communication, database management, cyber security and other cloud-based services.

Revenue Growth
Category Mkt Cap ($B) Weight TTM Forward Est.
Internet Conglomorates $1,388 20% 29% 22%
Digital Advertising & Social Media $350 9% 28% 33%
Retail E-Commerce (Fashion, Furniture, Pet Products, Electronics, Food Delivery & Travel Bookings) $70 26% 51% 55%
Digital Entertainment (Video-on-Demand, Music Streaming & Video Games) $69 8% 42% 28%
Enterprise Software (B2B, SaaS, Cloud, Cyber Security, Database Management, CRM & Accounting) $64 36% 57% 34%
Total / Average $364 100% 46% 36%
OGIG Technology Select Sector Nasdaq 100
Active Share 92% 76%
Revenue Gr. (TTM) 46% 17% 23%
Forward Revenue Growth 36% 16% 19%
WeightRevenue Growth
CategoryNameCountryMkt Cap
Select Sector
Amazon.com IncUS$1,7355.03%8.71%-41.5%22.8%
Alphabet IncUS$1,6594.41%3.60%-18.0%23.9%
Tencent Holdings LtdCN$7223.86%--27.4%21.3%
Microsoft CorpUS$2,0403.63%9.94%20.54%15.3%14.4%
Alibaba Group Holding LtdCN$6153.54%--40.7%25.2%
Digital Advertising &
Social Media
Facebook IncUS$9862.95%3.96%-28.7%27.1%
Snap IncUS$1041.63%--51.5%51.5%
Pinterest IncUS$501.27%--57.2%43.9%
Trade Desk Inc/TheUS$341.23%--27.8%32.3%
Twitter IncUS$550.85%--13.4%25.9%
Baidu IncCN$720.63%0.34%-6.5%17.6%
Match Group IncUS$440.56%0.32%--49.7%21.6%
Z Holdings CorpJP$380.32%--14.5%16.6%
Retail E-Commerce
Pet Products
Food Delivery
Travel Bookings
Pinduoduo IncCN$1592.22%0.30%-133.7%68.6%
MercadoLibre IncAR$781.78%0.55%-89.9%49.7%
Booking Holdings IncUS$901.45%0.64%--61.1%46.2%
Delivery Hero SESA$331.44%--99.7%86.6%
Zillow Group IncUS$301.35%--0.5%54.2%
JD.com IncCN$1241.33%0.44%-33.3%25.5%
Just Eat Takeaway.com NVGB$201.17%--391.4%52.8%
Live Nation Entertainment IncUS$191.16%---93.0%159.8%
Fiverr International LtdIL$91.13%--90.4%48.9%
Adevinta ASAFR$201.12%---1.9%70.1%
Farfetch LtdGB$181.04%--55.1%30.5%
CTS Eventim AG & Co KGaADE$60.93%---93.2%134.4%
TripAdvisor IncUS$60.90%---69.3%49.4%
THG PLCGB$90.84%--41.5%32.9%
HelloFresh SEDE$170.81%--115.2%28.8%
Trip.com Group LtdCN$230.80%0.12%--45.1%41.0%
Chewy IncUS$330.75%--42.9%23.2%
Zalando SEDE$320.75%--31.2%24.7%
Etsy IncUS$260.66%--133.5%26.0%
Ocado Group PLCGB$200.53%--30.8%17.2%
Vipshop Holdings LtdCN$140.43%--23.2%19.6%
Wayfair IncUS$330.39%--60.8%16.2%
eBay IncUS$480.28%0.33%-28.1%12.2%
Digital Entertainment
Music Streaming
Video Games
Roku IncUS$611.75%--63.5%46.1%
Bilibili IncCN$471.29%--76.0%52.7%
Netflix IncUS$2341.04%1.71%-23.3%17.0%
Ubisoft Entertainment SAFR$90.71%--39.4%8.8%
Spotify Technology SAUS$530.70%--15.2%19.4%
Tencent Music Entertainment GroupCN$260.68%--17.9%18.9%
NetEase IncCN$770.68%0.24%-24.6%19.4%
Zynga IncUS$120.60%--54.2%18.8%
Activision Blizzard IncUS$740.30%0.52%-32.9%7.7%
Nexon Co LtdJP$200.29%--25.3%11.8%
Electronic Arts IncUS$410.26%0.29%-1.7%12.8%
Enterprise Software
Cloud Infrastructure
Cyber Security
Database Mangement
Communication Services
Customer Relationship
Shopify IncCA$1821.88%--99.6%41.7%
Zoom Video Communications IncUS$1141.88%0.64%-295.7%35.4%
Snowflake IncUS$721.67%--115.9%75.5%
Crowdstrike Holdings IncUS$571.40%--77.3%45.9%
Twilio IncUS$681.33%--56.9%37.6%
DocuSign IncUS$541.19%0.39%-53.7%34.7%
ServiceNow IncUS$1091.08%-1.07%30.0%26.0%
Datadog IncUS$321.08%--58.2%40.8%
Bill.com Holdings IncUS$171.03%--37.3%40.1%
Cloudflare IncUS$331.03%--51.0%37.9%
Kingsoft Cloud Holdings LtdCN$81.02%--66.2%51.2%
Zscaler IncUS$300.97%--53.7%44.7%
Sinch ABSE$120.97%--75.4%64.5%
ZoomInfo Technologies IncUS$200.97%---35.9%
Adobe IncUS$2800.95%2.07%2.81%19.5%18.4%
Okta IncUS$370.94%0.22%-40.4%42.0%
salesforce.com IncUS$2260.93%-2.19%22.6%20.8%
Palantir Technologies IncUS$490.91%--45.9%32.5%
HubSpot IncUS$270.86%--33.7%34.0%
MongoDB IncUS$230.84%--38.7%31.3%
Coupa Software IncUS$190.83%--37.8%25.7%
Xero LtdNZ$150.75%--18.2%25.1%
Unity Software IncUS$310.75%--43.5%29.5%
Wix.com LtdIL$160.74%--34.1%27.7%
Intuit IncUS$1340.71%0.99%1.34%29.6%19.1%
Avalara IncUS$140.70%--32.7%26.9%
Kingdee International Software Group Co LtdCN$120.69%--0.9%24.8%
RingCentral IncUS$260.69%--30.9%25.5%
Dynatrace IncUS$170.67%--28.9%25.8%
Zendesk IncUS$170.64%--25.0%26.4%
Atlassian Corp PLCUS$650.62%0.25%-29.1%21.0%
TeamViewer AGDE$80.62%--15.9%22.6%
Paycom Software IncUS$220.62%-0.18%11.7%22.8%
Splunk IncUS$240.55%0.16%--3.0%17.9%
Palo Alto Networks IncUS$360.52%--22.2%21.1%
Workday IncUS$590.50%0.31%-17.1%17.3%
Fortinet IncUS$390.48%-0.34%20.3%18.0%
Take-Two Interactive Software IncUS$210.34%--9.2%8.5%
Oracle CorpUS$2170.33%-1.54%3.6%4.1%
SAP SEDE$1730.32%---2.9%2.1%
VMware IncUS$670.26%--8.4%8.8%
Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P., data as of 6/30/2021.
For informational purposes only. The above includes discussion about the estimated growth of certain sectors. It is impossible to predict future growth and actual results may vary.


Active Share: Measure of the percentage of stock holdings in a manager’s portfolio that differs from the benchmark index.

Forward Est: Forward of 1FY and 2FY Revenue Growth. Actual results may vary.

FY: Fiscal Year.

Nasdaq 100 Stock Index: Modified market cap weighted index that includes 100 of the largest domestic and international nonfinancial securities listed on NASDAQ based on market cap.

Technology Select Sector Total Return Index: Market cap weighted index that holds large and mid-cap technology stocks.

TTM: Trailing 12 Months.

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