Why O’Shares ETFs

Our belief at O’Shares is that when making an investment choice it should be very easy to understand where your hard earned income or investment capital is going, what are the benefits and what are any potential risks. Our core investment principles are centered around three (3) basic philosophies: income, wealth preservation and capital appreciation.

  • Income:  We believe you should be rewarded for investing your hard earned income so our family of ETFs are developed with a primary focus on dividend paying companies and dividends will be distributed monthly.
  • Wealth Preservation: Everyone works hard to earn money,we want to try to ensure you keep it. Our family of ETFs includes assets that historically have shown reduced volatility over longer investment periods and we make sure we are diversified across multiple sectors and industry groups to avoid over- concentration.
  • Capital Appreciation:  We want your hard earned investment dollars to grow. Our ETFs are performance driven that seek to, over longer investment periods, outperform traditional benchmarks.